Born by chance – and by reason of widely travelled parents – in Venezuela, Mikel Erentxun (Caracas, 1965) is a charismatic Basque singer and musician.
His band, Duncan Dhu, was one of those to enjoy greatest success in the Movida of the 80s, with hugely famous songs such as 100 Gaviotas, Una Calle de Paris and Jardin de Rosas, all nothing short of hymns to several generations and which even today remain every bit as popular. Mikel Erentxun continued his solo career since 1992 with seven intimate albums of the purest rock and soul, such as 24 GOLPES or Eléctrica PKWAY, both reflections of his resourceful and constantly evolving nature. Mikel is also an artist with myriad interests: football, cinema, music, fashion and photography. He talks about all of these subjects in his blog and in the social media, where he is hugely active and influential and has many faithful supporters.
In 2014, to the delight of his countless fans, the iconic "Duncan Dhu" regrouped for a single tour that continues to enjoy tremendous success.

Mikel Erentxun
I'm new to Euskadi. What's the first thing I should visit?

The coast. On a motorcycle if possible.

The best Basque dish is...

T-bone steak.

What's your favourite pintxo? Maybe even one that you make at home?

A classic: Potato omelette.

Of the wide variety of Basque music, what is your favourite song and/or singer?

Rafael Berrio.

What places in the world of art (churches, museums, sculpture…) should I be sure and see if I visit Euskadi?

Iesu Church in San Sebastián by the architect Rafael Moneo.

Name a place in Euskadi that is very special for you, a place you go to just wander and unwind.

Mount Adarra and the surrounding area.

If I go with children, where should I take them and what sorts of activities could I do with them?

Surfing in Mundaka.

What advice would you give to somebody visiting Euskadi for the first time?

Make sure you have plenty of time. There are lots of things to see and do.

What do you miss the most when you are far from home?

The climate.

The most beautiful thing in the Basque Country to you is...

The people.

When friends come to visit from out of town, what do you always make sure and show them?


Is Euskadi better to visit in spring, autumn, winter or summer?


What is your favourite fiesta or event in Euskadi?

The San Sebastián International Film Festival.