Milking sheep

Join Patxi Solana and become a shepherd for a day. This is a truly singular experience open to everyone. In the beautiful Natural Park of Urkiola, you’ll go with Patxi to visit Alluitz Natura, located next to the Atxarte cheese farm. You’ll start by helping Patxi to hand milk some of the sheep and then learn how to make cheese curd. With his beautiful Border Collie sheepdog, Hari, you’ll discover the secrets of how to tend a flock of sheep. Next, you’ll try some of the home-made curd you’ve made. If it is the right time of year, you might go with Patxi to try some sheep-shearing. But, that's not all. For those wishing to find out more, there are additional activities to learn about the prairie arts and traditional remedies, or how to make your own fresh cheese, or make soap from the leftover whey from the cheese-making process. Endless natural and traditional wisdom that helps to make life better and healthier.



The blue waters of the Urdaibai estuary shine brightly under the sun. It is a clear day and a boat trip is a pleasure. Remember, you need to embark 15 minutes before the departure time. That's very important. Fantastic scenery and small fishing villages are visible on both sides. First you’ll visit the Isle of Izaro, where you’ll find the ruins of an ancient franciscan hermitage. It is also where cormorants and gulls choose to live. Their screeches and fluttering are impressive, images of which will remain etched in your mind. There’s nothing quite like the feel of the cool salty air on your face. From here, you’ll set sail for Ogoño cliff, where you’ll see the 300 metres of limestone rise majestically from the water and the caves within, accessible only from the sea. Next you’ll see the peculiar hanging houses of the village of Elantxobe. On the way back, you’ll be tempting to stop at Laga beach, one of the wildest and most beautiful on the Basque Coast, but you’ll carry on to the entrance to the Urdaibai Estuary and Mundaka harbour. Bermeo, last stop, welcomes you back from an incredibly beautiful trip.



More than 60 million years of History are etched into the incredible Flysch cliffs. These sedimentary rocks, one of the most impressive sights on the planet, are found in the Basque Country Geopark. From the sea, by boat, they rise up majestically like rocky giants or spread out like stone beaches, the passage of time etched into the grooves and lines like an open book. An expert guide will explain the secrets of the Geopark, one of the largest geological sanctuaries on Earth. The guide reads the rocks as though speaking a magic language. In fact, what he shares with anyone who decides to take the trip is pure science. For example, the great extinction of the dinosaurs is recounted in the rocks. While you sail from Zumaia to Mutriku, passing Deba, the guide explains the traditions of these fishing villages and their influence on local culture and society. When you arrive at Mutriku, you’ll dock for 45 minutes to visit the port and old quarter, declared a monumental site. The walls and streets here will tell you even more history.


Laguardia, Ysios Bodega

There is no better way to discover a wine than... by drinking it. And no better way of doing that with complete peace of mind than to climb aboard the Enobus that takes you along the Rioja Alavesa Wine Route, linking Eibar, Bergara, Mondragón, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao to Laguardia. Aboard the bus, a guide will explain the details and peculiarities of this region where vineyards appear flecked with pretty medieval villages. But not only is there wine in the Rioja Alavesa, you’ll also discover the dolmens and the presses used in the production of olive oil. At each winery, the winemakers explain the special features of each wine. In the afternoon, you’ll visit Laguardia to see the portico of Santa María de los Reyes, discover the underground cellars and try out one of the many well-known restaurants in the town, formerly a defensive bastion. The Wine Centre is also worth a visit. Here you can immerse yourself in the Rioja Alavesa wine culture, watching a spectacular 3D short film. Another worthwhile experience is a guided tour of the Old Quarters of Labastida and Elciego. Or relax in a wine therapy spa. There is plenty on offer and it is always connected to the best wines.